Name Department Designation Qualification Contact Number E-Mail Picture CV
Mr. Mohd Farooq Mirza Education Associate Professor M.A. Education 9419277343 [email protected] VIEW CV
Dr. Mohd Ali Shahbaz Urdu Assistant Professor MA MPhil, Ph.D. UGC-NET (Senior Research Fellow) 7889596787 [email protected] VIEW CV
Dr. Khursheed Ahmed Qureshi Economics Assistant Professor MA MPhil, Ph.D. (UGC-NET) 9797326213 [email protected] VIEW CV
Mr. Himanshu English Assistant Professor MA English (JK-SET) 8899873149 [email protected] VIEW CV
Dr. Gulshan Bassan Political Science Lecturer - Academic Arrangement MA MPhil, Ph.D. (UGC-NET) 9596172326 [email protected] VIEW CV
Dr. Farooq Ahmad Bakloo Political Science Lecturer - Academic Arrangement MA Ph.D 9682559269 [email protected] VIEW CV
Ms. Payal Bhagat Library and Information Sc. Librarian - Academic Arrangement M.Lib. (UGC-NET) 8899524377 [email protected] VIEW CV
Ms. Zahra Kazmi Sociology Lecturer - Academic Arrangement MA Sociology (UGC-NET , JK-SET) 9697204866 [email protected] VIEW CV
Mr. Hilal Ahmad Reshi Sociology Lecturer - Academic Arrangement M.A. Sociology (UGC-NET) 9103246925 [email protected] VIEW CV
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Physical Education Assistant PTI BPE , B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed, MPhil, MA Yoga (Master of Arts in Yoga) 9103221744 [email protected] VIEW CV
Ms. Sakshi Sharma Environmental Sciences Guest Faculty MSc Environmental Science (JK-SET) 788941608 [email protected] VIEW CV
Ms. Neha Hindi Lecturer - Academic Arrangement MA Hindi (UGC-NET, JK-SET) 7780998944 [email protected] VIEW CV
Dr Gulam Nabi Urdu Lecturer - Academic Arrangement MA Urdu, Ph.D. (UGC -NET) +91 7042420113 [email protected] VIEW CV
Dr. Arshad Mehmood Arabic Lecturer - Academic Arrangement MA Arabic, Ph.D. (JK-SET) 7006333466 [email protected] VIEW CV